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Diary of Malo in France

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jeudi, 13 août 2009

Malo joue a cache-cache

Malo apprend à jouer à cache-cache en se cachant lui même. Hier il se cachait avec des petits sous-verres (voir vidéo sur flickR) et aujourd'hui il le faisait avec ses mains mais je n'ai pas eu le temps de le filmer. J'essaierai de le filmer ce week-end.

mardi, 9 juin 2009

Diary of Malo in France - Friday 5 June

Joyeux 4 mois Calliste!

Moving houses again to go to Landevant to see the grand parents Le Bolay for the last time... sniff! The holidays are coming to an end. Grand dad had his friday off, so he was home when we got there (he arrived just a few minutes after us from the doc). We had a nice evening and once I was in bed, granddad went on the computer and the disaster started... The computer crashed completly and GD was not happy at all! They had to re-install windows. Mum feared she lost all the pictures from the holidays... suspense suspense!!!

They all had dinner and before the end of diner, GD went back on the computer trying to repair it. So mum and GM decided to look what was on at the cinema. Maybe they could escape the stress? A french film je l'aimais was on in Auray at 9pm. They cleared the table and arrived at the cinema just on time for 1 preview and then the film started. They enjoyed thefilm and got home around 11:30pm and the computer was fixed and... the pictures were still there... Youpi!!!

vendredi, 5 juin 2009

Diary of Malo in France - Thursday 4 June

Drove from Landévant to St Jean once more in the morning after my nap.

Dad helped granddad to move in the new red sofa, very nice sofa but very heavy sofa apparently... Mum and dad went to say hi to great-grandma in the hospital, she has a new knee, like robocop apparently, I don't know who robocop is but that is what dad keeps saying...

I got to stay up a bit late today even though I was yawning like crawy as we were waiting for dad's cousins for diner. They ate a BBQ in the garden and apparently at dessert time dad covered mum in creme chantilly, nothing dirty! the thing just exploded in mum's face... I heard it was very funny... he he, I wish they took a picture but they didn't!!!

PS: I got 2 more presents, mum and dad had to buy a new suitcase because I got so many presents; and out of those 2 presents, one is very clever (18 tiny books with all the classics in french) and the other one is great (a big big bunny).

mardi, 2 juin 2009

Diary of Malo in France - Friday 29 May

No grasse mat, i don't feel like doing it anymore...

Drove to Lorient to get some wooden kitchen furniture that granddad Le bolay ordered. It took a while for the guy to get the many pieces needed. So we started to get behind in the tight schedule for the day... Got to Landevant, had lunch with Auntie Maelle, took a nap while dad was fighting with the printer... Left 1 hour and 15 minutes late to go to Pleumeur Bodou at mum's granddad's place for the baptism.

Mum's granddad was waiting for us by the door... We played for a bit in the grass and then went to the beach for a little play.

Diary of Malo in France - Thurday 28 May

no grasse mat this morning, can't work every morning, it would be too easy for mum and dad.

Drove to St Jean Brevelay just on time for lunch with grandma sister. They have a huge dog, very cool, I loved it and I was not even scared!

Mum and dad left me with grandma while they had diner with one of my greatgrandma ( apréro, fondue bourguignonne, eclairs aux chocolat et des fraises pour bien les achever). I had a nice time with grandma and I was sleeping when they got back.

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