Geelong was beautiful on Saturday, we walked along the sea side to look at all the painted bollards and had a nice picnic and a little dip in the sea water pool there.

We are going at a slow pace for the moment, didn't fancy driving too much after all that driving in NZ and we have 2 weeks to go to Adelaide which gives us plenty of time really. So we drove about 50km per day so far. We enjoy a fair bit of walking and beach-ing and swimming for the little one when we can find a nice beach which is not a surfer's beach.

We have camped in a national park camping near a beautiful beach the other night and the sunset was just the most beautiful I have ever seen. I don't have any pictures though, because I took Malo to the beach instead of the camera! Silly me!!! I won't make the same mistake twice.

Today we are going to the Grampians, off the great ocean road for 2 days :).